The Love Heart Charity


The Love Heart Charity was founded in 2021 - one of the most tumultuous years the world has ever seen. As the old world crumbled right before her eyes, Amanda knew it was time to take action and take matters into her own hands. She felt called for a higher purpose and knew that with your help and divine intervention, she could make a massive positive difference in the world and build a legacy that would last generations to come. Using her skills, knowledge, intuition and guidance from the love in her heart from God, Amanda founded The Love Heart Charity Incorporated (Registration Number: INC2100976)

This Charity was created to help adults, families and children in need. We believe we have the power to change the world for good and make it a better place for generations to come. Our mission is to help all those in need, especially those impacted by the silent pandemic such as homelessness, depression, child abuse and exploitation, suicide, domestic violence and so much more.

Dear Soul Family,

This is a not-for-profit organisation where 100% of your donations are used to help those in need. When you donate to The Love Heart Charity, your money is used to supply food and essentials hampers, educational and creative supplies for children, eftpos gift cards as well as to feed the poor and homeless.

Help us make a difference and stand united with us! Donate as much or as little as you feel called to give. Your generosity will make a huge impact in this world.

With sincere thanks,

Love, Amanda