Meet The Founder

Amanda is a Holy Spirit led, heart-centred empath and spiritual healer that leads her life with passion, purpose, integrity and loves helping others in need!

As a teenager, dealing with unresolved childhood trauma, Amanda fell into the darkness of the world through underage drinking, smoking and partying. She was drowning and crying out for help and her prayers were answered. She was called back home to God and elected to dedicate her life to serving Jesus Christ. She was baptised as a teen in water and in the Holy Spirit. Although, she still did not know what being a born again Christian meant at this stage of her life. She just knew she was finally on the right path.

When she graduated from High School, she then went on to study Psychology at Macquarie University. As a Psychology student in her undergraduate years, Amanda acquired a vast array of skills and knowledge about human behaviour which added to her own natural gifts and abilities.

As a Volunteer Lifeline Crisis Counsellor, she learned Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) and Mental Health Counselling. She volunteered in Youth Centres and Uniting Care Ageing Nursing Home as she genuinely loved being in service to others, giving them hope and uplifting them.

After graduating in Psychology, she worked in the global FMCG industry for almost a decade across Sales and Marketing. Although, the 9-5 life was extremely unfulfilling and left her physically unhealthy, emotionally drained, mentally exhausted, spiritually disconnected and ultimately out of alignment with who she really was. She knew she was destined for a higher calling helping others and decided it was time to pursue her true path.

In October 2020, she obtained further qualifications as a Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), Hypnotist, Time Line Therapist, High Priestess of the Rose and Angelic Reiki Healer. Amanda did not feel aligned with any of these modalities. She has tried and tested it all and found there were crucial missing elements in everything she had learned and studied. They were the long-lasting fruits of the Holy Spirit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

In 2021, at the age of 30, Amanda strengthened her roots of being in service to God and humanity and intuitively created her own offerings. One of her gifts of the Holy Spirit is Healing where she connects to the one true living God, Jesus Christ - source of eternal life, everlasting love, truth and true light. Amanda incorporates Psychology, Counselling, Deliverance and Healing in her unique offerings.

Amanda is truly an inspirational trailblazer, paving the way for others to live a life that allows them to express their own individuality and true soul expression while healing those core inner wounds. You do not have to share the same Christian faith as Amanda to receive her gifts. All are welcome - come as you are!