Mindful Magnesium Balm 100g
Mindful Magnesium Balm 100g

Mindful Magnesium Balm 100g


Magnesium plays a vital role in supporting healthy, growing little bodies (and big bodies too!)

The Mindful Magnesium balm is made up of Pure magnesium sourced from the dead sea combined with nourishing natural, organic ingredients and specifically chosen essential oils that creates its subtle earthy scent.

Lavender oil is known for its calming and relaxing properties whilst Vetiver oil is used to ease feelings of nervousness, anxiety and stress, promotes a grounding effect on emotions and encourages a restful sleep.

The benefits of magnesium for children, adults and pregnant women include:

  • Supports energy production

  • Promotes better sleep quality

  • Helps with stress, anxiety and mood

  • Better concentration and focus

  • Healthy muscles, nerves and bone development

  • Helps with cramps and spasms

  • Helps the absorption of vitamins and minerals

  • Promotes a calm nervous system

  • Helps ease headaches

  • Helps to ease pain and inflammation

This balm has been intuitively created by Alyssa from Mindful & Home, keeping our little ones in mind & is gentle and safe for the whole family to use.

For use topically - Massage balm into baby’s feet after bath to encourage a restful nights sleep. Helps to ease irritability, assists in calming a child’s nervous system and supports little bodies during teething and growing pains.

Adults can massage balm on the back of neck and shoulders, down the spine or on temples to ease headaches, muscle tension and stress and to promote peace and relaxation during pregnancy.

Note: Magnesium balm may cause a slight tingly feeling on the skin. It is advised to apply a small amount to child’s feet first and build the application up as needed. Avoid contact with eyes and always apply to children where the area can be covered with clothing.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, Organic Shea Butter, Pure magnesium chloride, distilled water, bees wax, essential oils of Lavender and Vetiver. *Contains Leucidal SF (natural radish root preservative)

+ Cruelty-Free

Made with LOVE by Alyssa from Mindful & Home - from her family… to yours!